Internationella röster

– I saw Bosse teaching conductors with different cultural background, age, experience – always he spread large palette of tools which lead us to best result. No pressure but practical work and explanations with interesting repertoire – best selection Swedish and Scandinavian music from folklore to contemporary. His influence to rise of youth choir movement all around the world from Estonia to China, from Sweden to USA, is remarkable.

Aarne Saluveer; President of Estonian Choral Association, Artistic Director/Foundeer Estonian Television Girls Choir, IFCM Board Member


– We have known for many years Bosse Johansson and have admired his great artistry with his Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir. Every time we have heard this unique ensemble, we are certain that Bosse is a sensitive pedagogue, with very clear musical ideas, and a unique sense of leadership with young singers. Bosse is charismatic, his permanent smile permeates everywhere and his legacy is the joy and beauty of each one of his concerts and classes.

Alberto Grau and María Guinand; Professor, University Simón BolÍvar, conductor, Cantoría Alberto Grau, the Orfeón Universitario Simón Bolívar the Schola Cantorum de Venezuela


– Bosse is a honoured member of the international choral scene, he was showered with awards and is highly acclaimed, as said, also because of his work as a gifted musician. But he is an outstanding figure amongst his peers because of his never-ending enthusiasm, his rising to new challenges, his courage to venture into the unknown and always spreading an unequalled human kindness.

Huibrie Verster, South Africa; as requested by Annemarie van der Walt, President of the Bloemfontein International Choral Centre (BICC) and Board Member of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)


– From Bosse Johansson we learned that it is possible to be an adventurous musician with the highest professional standards and a kind and deeply loving teacher and friend all at the same time.

Bob Geary, Sue Bohlin, Suzie Rahl; Piedmont Choirs, The Golden Gate International Children ’s Youth Choir Festival, California, USA


– Bosse was my first idol as far as building a choir pyramid of St. Stanislav’s Institution in Ljubljana is concerned. Without his example and enthusiastic presentations of »his« choral school Adolf Fredriks’, I wouldn’t have neither an idea, nor boldness and energy to try to establish something similar also in Slovenia. And I succeeded, with the help of my colleagues Helena Fojkar Zupančič and Bernarda Preložnik Kink.

Damijan Močnik; Composer and conductor, Artistic leader of music activities on St. Stanislav’s Institution in Ljubljana, Slovenia


– What a momentous occasion and what a brilliant career. The International Choral Kathaumixw will never forget 1992 when Adolf Fredriks Girls Choir brought Christmas to Powell River, Canada in July! The girls swept the audience off their feet when they entered in procession with candles and Sancta Lucia – a tradition that is now incorporated in our annual ”Carols by Candlelight”. Their rich vocal sound and impeccable artistry was a reflection of Bosse’s skill as a conductor & teacher extraordinaire. His warmth and artistic strength was always present.

Terry Sabine & Don James; Choir manager, Artistic Director, International Choral Kathaumixw


– Bosse is one of the Swedish conductors who has contributed to the image of the „Swedish Choral Miracle“ all over Europe and beyond. Participants and guests of international choir competitions have listened to his unique girls’ choir, enjoying their beautiful sound.

Many singers who are by now (young) adults have also had the privilege to work with Bosse in one of the many ateliers / workshops for children’s and youth choirs he gave at EUROPA CANTAT and other events. Whenever we were planning an activity for this aim group his name would pop. His friendly character, his enormous musicality and his educational skills made him an ideal choice and working with him was always an enriching experience. Many choirs also discovered beautiful Nordic music for equal voice choirs in his workshops.

Sante Fornasier; President. Gábor Móczár; Vice President. Fred Sjöberg; Vice President. Jean Smeets; treasurer. Sonja Greiner; General Secretary – The Europa Cantat Executive Board


– It is clear that Bosse Johansson can conduct, show how to sing and he knows very well how to realise his musical ideas with singers. But I think there is one more method and the most important one, he uses at his work with all simplicity and honesty. That is – Love. For music and his girls. He has taught them how to love singing and how to share it with the audience. Houndreds of Swedish girls have been coshaping Swedish choral life for almost fourty years through his work. Moreover, he has influenced youth choir life all over the world with every single conductor, singer and choir he has cooperated with in all these years.

Helena Fojkar Zupančič; Conductor of Girls’ Chamber Choir of the Diocessan Classical Gymnasium, Ljubljana, Slovenia


– A man, blessed with the gifts of outstanding musicality, of generosity, a visionary, some one who made extraordinary things happen, and never forgot the child.

(Dr) Huibrie Verster; Director, Bloemfontein Children’s Choir, South Africa


– Bosse Johansson is an extraordinary musician and a FIRST CLASS CHOR AL TEACHER. His methodology has been a reference in adult choir quality both in Sweden and all over the world, since it makes sing with naturalness and simplicity.

Javier Busto; Composer, choir conductor, Tolosa, Spain


– The level and scope of your artistic work, fantastic sensitivity between artistic and pedagogic mission, exceptional mind, your passion and completely devotion inspired so many of us on the different parts of the world. My thanks and admiration to you.

Karmina Šilec; Conductor, Carmina Slovenica, Slovenia


– He is a man who has great contribution to world children choir and choral culture in Sweden. He is not only a founder of renowned choirs, but also a promoter of choral music. His education methodology and vision inspired the world.
His teaching encouraged students to love singing. As a result of his passion, his children have better performance in self–expression and social skills than most people. These advantages brought them greater achievement in the society.

Leon Shiu–wai Tong; Vice President, International Federation for Choral Music President, Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association


– He has tremendous love for singing and children of all ages, and had always had an original way of thinking which achieved touching performances.

Naomi Faran; Conductor and Musical Director Moran Choirs, Israel


– With his deep insight, he has always contributed to the progress in the choral world for young people. His teachings I’m certain will be handed down as heritage of the choir. We too shall aspire to work for our young singers in Tokyo.

Saeko Hasegawa; Conductor, Little Singers of Tokyo, Japan


– What makes Bosse a very special choir conductor, is his intention never to put himself into the centre. For Bosse the music is the priority and the meaning of the whole thing.

Steen Lindholm; Conductor, Project Leader, Denmark



– For Ellerhein and me Bosse Johansson is like God in Swedish singing heaven. Like Gustav Ernesaks, Erkki Pohjola, Roman Toi … Their might and power will remain as an undying flame forever wherever they may be. Bosse Johansson with his Girls’ Choir has always set an example for Ellerhein.

Tiia–Ester Loitme, Ülle Sander; Ellerhein Girls’ Choir of Estonia


– He is one of the most spirited supporters of children’s and youth’s education through the art of choral singing.

My young choristers see Bosse like the Santa Claus of choral music while, to my regret, I am painfully aware that there isn’t anyone in my country to possess such a great charisma, energy and ability to make everything work in the best interest of the music we all love so dearly.

Voicu Popescu; Conductor, Romanian Radio Children’s Choir


– I admire Bosse so much for his endless love of music and his devotion to children. He is always so passionate about music education for young people and has been leader by example within the world choral community ensuring all of us understand the value and importance of choral conducting and music education with children and youth.

Zimfira Poloz; Artistic Director, Hamilton Children’s Choir, Canada